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7th Heaven Palace - Founded November 99
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7th Heaven Newsletter: 7th Heaven Bulletin News has been uplifted and the next issue has been written, you can subscribe to it by clicking here. Once you've subscribed, issues are then delivered to you via email each month!.

S6 airdate for Australia: Saturday nights at 6:30pm on TEN... go to TEN for more details.

Next Episode Title Release: - Lip Service and Letting Go.

Episode - The Known Soldier
The entire family comemorate the late Sgt Morgan in this special episode devoted to marines fighting in the war against terrorism for their country. The family set up charities, place flowers on a war veteran cemetary and honor Sgt Morgan with a special Sunday church service. As Robbie is on his way home, he has a problem with a driver, driving a car covered in the american flag, instead of Robbie getting angry, he realises the importance of peace and offers the driver another american flag to put on his car.

MTV's Making Of Tv Show: 7th Heaven Special
MTV is set to air a new TV series called 'Making the TV Show'. The premiere will be the making of 7th Heaven. This will be like a behind the scenes look at the show. The airing dates of this show are February 16 at 8 pm, February 17 at 8 am, February 18 at 9:30 am, February 18 at 5:30 pm, February 19 at 3 pm, and February 22 at 9 pm.

Jesse's Worldwide L'Oreal Contract
Jan. 3, 2002--L'Oreal announces the signing of an exclusive worldwide contract with actress Jessica Biel as spokesperson for the company and its brands. "I'm so honored and appreciative to be the newest member of the L'Oreal family", stated Jessica. "I enjoy being included with the talented group of L'Oreal spokespeople - they're so inspiring, they're great role models, and there's something unique and different about all of them. And I enjoy representing a product line and a company that I can relate to and I care about. It's really important to me to be a part of the L'Oreal image, because I use their products in my personal life". Source - L'Oreal.

Various Photo Albums Have Been Updated!
Most of the photo albums have been updated and are still in the progress of being updated. The new photos that have been added are miscellaneous, so that means they're varied photographs of each individual cast member. Some of these photos are ones you may have or may not of seen already. To check them out, click right here.

Season Six Group Promo Photo's!
All new promo shots of the 7th Heaven cast for their new sixth season have been on their way and now, are finally here. Click on the previous link to view them and then click on each photo to view their full available sizes. I won't give away what the photographs look like, so you'll just have to click on the link and find out for yourself. Their very nice photo's, indeed one of the best that's been taken of the cast. Check them both out now!

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